As well as offering our registered volunteers ongoing training, full support and guidance, we also cover out of pocket expenses for costs incurred during your visits with your linked friends, and for volunteering at our many groups.

We cover your travel costs for taking your linked friend out and about on trips, as well as to and from their home for social visits (there is a guideline maximum of 100 miles per month, but for special occasions or outings you can contact the office for special permission).

If you are a Volunteer at one of our many groups we will also cover the cost of travel to the group.  We also cover the cost of refreshments/activities while you are out on your visits – whether this is a cup of tea and a cake,  a visit to the cinema or a game of bowling, and the current guideline amount for non-travel related expenses is £7.50 per outing (receipts are required for these).

Expenses can be claimed, normally at the end of each calendar month, by completing a Travel Expense Claim Form and submitting it to the office with all the relevant receipts.  A receipt is not required for travel costs as this is paid at the standard rate of £0.45 per mile for the distance travelled.

A new Travel Expense Claim Form will be sent to you along with a cheque to cover your expenses each time you submit a claim.  If you require a new or additional Travel Expense Claim Form please click on the link below.

 Travel Expense Form

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